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Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica Watches

As a watch in 2020, Geneva-based Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica Watches released Excalibur Superbia (Excalibur Superbia), which is called a "super watch." The unveiling ceremony of piéce's unique products will be held at the first Shanghai Watch and Miracle Exhibition this month in China. For a long time, the region has been considered the center of demand for this decadent luxury timepiece (although this "ultra-luxury" epicenter has occurred throughout history), but there is no doubt that the release of this product will cause some criticism . Indeed, in the face of such an expensive and expensive good thing given to the faces of hundreds of millions of struggling people there, it is hard not to feel sympathy for the slap inlaid with gems. Again, it is important to remind yourself that Roger Dubuis only produces one of these watches. In fact, there are indeed enough super villains who also need to meet their clock requirements. This is for them.

In fact, when Swiss luxury brands such asBest Replica Watches adopt this ultra-luxury watch, there are usually significant strategies associated with it. Super watches like Excalibur Superbia (not to be confused with the comfortable but not so wealthy Excalibur Suburbia or the cold and attractive Excalibur Siberia) tend to be released during periods of poor economics. The idea is that it is more difficult to sell a larger number of watches at a lower price than a small number of higher-priced watches (although it is more profitable at favorable times). Roger Dubuis and his relative companies specializing in high-end watches know that the disposable income of elite consumers is far more independent than most ordinary luxury consumers. At a time when volume sales are facing challenges, super watches such as Roger Dubuis Superbia can help make up for lost sales in other regions. This is as old as the luxury goods industry itself.

Excaliber Superbia is 45 mm wide (14.4 mm thick, and is actually waterproof to 100 meters). It is an 18k white gold Excalibur-style case with alternating tetrahedral cut diamonds and deep sapphires. 600 diamonds and sapphires are set by hand in the watch. Roger Dubuis publicly described the table as “for a person who believes that life is just a game to make the most of life, this is the ultimate totem”, in other words, those who succeed (And often shockingly) people who use others. Yes, when such a person is easily marked (for example, using a unique blue and white sparkling timepiece), this may help. Roger Dubuis Replica Watches makes an active effort by helping to identify people of interest. Look, in a fair-conscious society like Switzerland, everyone wins.